Virtual Dates at Home That Don’t Suck

It’s cold and COVID is making it difficult to do anything normal. You’ve streamed everything from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Starz, and you really don’t want to finally cave and sign up for Disney+. To help, we’ve put together a list of virtual dates that are a great way to mix things up as we patiently wait for better weather and herd immunity. 

Virtual Venues

There’s no shortage of exciting places to visit virtually, but if you need some inspiration, we have a few recommendations you’re bound to love. Hop on a video call, share a screen, and enjoy. 

  • Work together to make a playlist of your favorite NPR Tiny Desk concerts, then sit back with a snack or beverage and watch them all “together”. 
  • Get bougie with a visit to the Louvre. This tour is filmed in 4K, so we wouldn’t judge you if you started telling people that you’ve seen the Mona Lisa in person after watching this one. 
  • Get wild and visit your favorite zoo’s website - they’re bound to have live stream options available and we can almost guarantee there’s some excitement to be found in the monkey exhibits. Or, explore San Diego Zoo’s live cams - we recommend the elephant cam.  

Swap Surprises

This one requires some planning in advance. Set a budget, head to Amazon or shop small with your favorite local business and order a fun activity shipped straight to your date’s home. Agree not to open them until designated date night. Open and enjoy the surprise they’ve picked out for you with the added bonus of seeing your partner get excited about what you picked out for them. Kick it up a notch by agreeing to order each other dinner. 

Book a surprise reunion if you’re long-distanced

If you haven’t heard of Pack Up + Go, this virtual date night idea won’t disappoint. Perfect for couples spending so much time apart, Pack Up + Go’s Plane/Train trip option makes it easy to book an adventure together even if you’ll be departing from different cities. The best part? You won’t know where you’ll be headed until the day your trip begins. Spend the evening filling out a survey to help their team build you the perfect personalized itinerary. If you can’t be together now, you can at least make plans to reunite safely in a few months.  

Selfless Self Care

We consider this one a win-win because on top of having some virtual date night fun, it’ll force you to treat yourself and your partner to some much-needed self care. Hop on FaceTime and spend a dedicated hour taking turns encouraging each other to have some fun. Whether you kindly request that they make themselves a spiked hot cocoa, dig their slippers out of the closet, or light every candle in their home (please practice safe self-care), it’s so much easier to #treatyourself when your partner is the one in the driver's seat. 

Speaking of the driver’s seat...

Head to the App Store to download Mario Kart Tour - it’s free and makes it easy to interact in a magical land where COVID-19 doesn’t exist. While we can’t guarantee it won’t result in a few harsh words, getting competitive is bound to make your heart skip a beat or two.